We build our schools with a strong structural support system.


Our level of integrated marketing, training and support helps you build the strongest foundation possible.

In addition to curriculum and operational support we supply an innovative, first-class marketing program including:

  • A new school opening plan
  • A pre-opening marketing support
  • Prospect-to-parent, parent-to-partner sales processes and training
  • Individual school web pages
  • Local community marketing support materials (advertising, Flyers, Hoarding boards, Banners, Mailers, etc.)
  • Marketing kit to support school events (Baby Show, Annual Functions, Fate etc.
  • School listings on geographically- appropriate landing pages
  • Advertising guidance and support by our marketing support team
  • Online advertising support.
  • Comprehensive and exclusive Ambience and Operations Manual.
  • Provide guidance on developmentally appropriate educational tools and aids along with customised furniture for maximum comfort
  • Spacious and well-equipped smart classrooms with designated skill development areas that encourage children to build upon their natural curiosity and creativity.
  • Provide access to exclusive toys and books which have been conceptualized and designed around our mascot NEO.
  • Our corporate centre of excellence provides for the successful transfer of knowledge and cutting edge processes
  • Extensively collaborate with parents, teachers, staff and franchisees to provide outstanding education, facilities and services to our preschoolers.
  • Provide franchise partners with comprehensive training and support necessary to achieve their personal and professional goals while maintaining work / life balance
  • Ongoing unparalleled pre and post launch operational support from industry experts.
  • Keep franchisees abreast with latest developments in the early childhood education sector, to adopt updated techniques and processes.
  • Ongoing customer care centre
  • Intranet system for accounting and finance.
  • Innovative practical based training with emphasis on classroom skills and enhanced teaching competencies, embracing contemporary teaching methodologies
  • Franchisees updated and trained upon changes in processes and developments in best business practice.
  • Extensive training offered to teachers so that they nurture children as independent thinkers and problem solvers
  • Franchisees will be trained to motivate and stimulate children to develop a lifelong passion for learning and playing well, by making teaching-learning a joyful experience.
  • Trained to observe, assess and record each child's progress, in their most formative educational years and share the knowledge gained with parents.
  • Industry's leading franchise orientation training program at our corporate office.
  • World-class IDEAS Curriculum developed in line with the most recent research on early learning and child development by renowned early childhood education expert Prof. Ellen Booth Church from USA.
  • Specialised training for teachers on curriculum implementation and usage of equipments.
  • Our preschool material supports development of a child's social and motor skills, expansion of their vocabulary as well as enhances reading readiness.
  • Systematic implementations of brain-based strategies that lay emphasis on emotion, thematic instruction, differentiated learning, movement, and the use of mental models.
  • Continuing research and development in curriculum and processes
  • Designing of marketing collateral of your Kinderpillar preschool to promote in your vicinity.
  • Professionally developed designs as well as cost effective and efficient concepts provided for brand building and local promotional events.
  • Comprehensive support to give our Franchisees a competitive edge.

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